Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Project: Table of Contents

Below is a the table of contents for our upcoming report. The class has chosen groups to tackle each section. A brief description of what the groups are working on will be posted soon!

1.  Executive Summary
2. Introduction/Problem Statement
i. What is community gardening and urban agriculture?
ii. History of community gardening?
iii. Types of community gardens/urban agriculture models
iv. Why community gardening/urban ag? Benefits of community gardening/urban ag.
v. Purpose of this report
vi. Layout of this report
3.  Methodology; data sources; limitations
4. Current state of and demand for community gardens in Buffalo
i. Establish a baseline of need/demand
ii. Brief description of Buffalo's overall food system (with special emphasis on urban food production)
iii. Inventory of existing community gardens
iv. Review of regulatory mechanisms (zoning, laws, codes) and legislation that enable or limit urban ag and community gardens
5. Case Studies of Best Practices
6. Recommendations
7. References
8. Resource Guide (web resources, funding sources, sample legislation language)
9. Appendices

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